Each country comes with its own specificities, whether geographical or related to the people and demographics that comprise it.

We operate visa application centres that manage processing of a few dozen to thousands of applicants per day. Of course, the procedures remain the same, but the organisation and implementation thereof need to be adapted.

In countries and areas with low density, or with unequal distribution of populations, Capago’s innovative solution it to open temporary (or ‘pop-up’) centres. Each of these temporary centres therefore operates from on day per month to one day per week, according to the demands in the area. This approach is made possible by the use of mobile biometrics stations.

The processing of visa applications is also possible remotely, in cases of exemption from biometric data collection, or in cases of pre-validation before the use of mobile biometrics.

Tailor-Made Services

Although applicants are required by the relevant Ministries of Foreign Affairs to apply for Schengen visas at our centres, we consider it essential to offer the best possible quality of service on behalf of the countries we represent.

The quality of our application centres is essential to allowing each traveller’s ability to comfortably carry out the steps of the visa application process. We believe that each applicant, whether they utilise our Premium or Standard services, should be guided through their experience in order to avoid complications and stress throughout a procedure that is often perceived as restrictive.

We are committed to approaching each request submitted to us with professionalism, be they for solo travellers, families or group of dozens of applicants. Our procedures are especially designed, and our agents are uniquely qualified to handle the management of groups in order effectively meet the specific requirements of such processing needs. At the same time, our ability to process large group requests does not compromise our dedication to our individual applicants, who are just as much of a priority and are thus never delayed in preference for larger groups.

Applicants who happen to lack supporting documents are aided and supported in a dedicated space, where computers and connectivity are made available to them. Here, they can receive, download and print necessary documentation to complete their dossiers. They can thus complete and submit their application dossier without having to re-apply for an appointment with or lose time. This support service also allows applicants who do have a complete dossier to be processed without delay, as agents are not slowed down by applicants waiting for additional documentation.

For some applicants, access to one of our centres may be inhibited by distance or daily demand. In such cases, our agents are able to travel to the applicants to complete application submission at their place of work. Thanks to our mobile biometrics stations, the entire visa application procedure can be carried out without displacement or loss of time.


Since June 2018, Capago has been actively communicating on social networks, especially Facebook, to inform applicants, and to enable proactive communication. Our objectives are to listen to our community’s needs, and to dynamically offer relevant content. Additionally, this interaction allows us to measure and optimise the results of our actions, thereby providing qualitative content that constantly evolves. We develop an experience of creative content that links us to our community in the long-term.

In this vein, we have taken advantage of this dynamic multimedia relationship through the launching our social networks, including the implementation of our first visa chatbot. The chatbot, also known as the conversational agent, is pre-programmed to simulate a conversation in natural language. With the idea of providing personalised support to each of our applicants always in mind, this chatbot allows us to respond in real time to any of their requests, making it the perfect tool. Several agents are alerted when the chatbot is not able to answer, thus allowing quick responses to the most specialised questions.

Located in South Africa, Capago uses a cloud-based telephonic management system, which allows a high level of efficiency, security and flexibility. In order to guide and help the applicants before their appointment, we operate a multi-channel contact centre.


Capago further innovates by providing help and guidance to the applicants who visit our website through a chat system. We have a dedicated agent for each country we represent. Therefore, one agent is dedicated to guide the applicants on each website. Our mission through the chat system is to reply to any query within less than 2 minutes.

The second channel of communication is the call system. We receive an average of 2 phone calls per visa file processed. Our mission through the call centre is to be able to reply to more than 9 phone calls out of 10 in less than one minute. We have a specialised team of call centre agents who deal with telephone queries that we receive from our clients. This team is systematically reinforced by well-trained temporary agents during the peak season.

The third and final channel of information is the emails that we receive on a daily basis. We consistently maintain a response time of less than 2 hours on all emails received during business hours.

Our approach to managing the contact centre has proven successful, as statistics show that an average of 90% of our clients are "fully satisfied" with the accessibility of our call centre, with a further 8.5% who are "satisfied". Our plan is to maintain this level of satisfaction and our aim is to increase it.

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