Capago Team

At Capago, we believe that we are what we are because of the men and women who work tirelessly on a daily basis to make it all come together.

Our production teams consist of high performing individuals with a strong customer service philosophy, who aim to constantly and consistently provide unparalleled, excellent customer service to our patrons and stakeholders.

Our leadership team is made up of visionary individuals whose aim is to define one strategy and one goal for the organisation. They are driven by a sole purpose which is to effectively lead and serve their teams, in particular providing them with the necessary tools and means, which allow them to achieve the fundamental global goal.

In Numbers

34 nationalities

34 languages spoken

165 employees

2,5 years average time in the company

31 years old average age of employees

Company Culture

Our values are our foundation. They define who we are, how we conduct ourselves and how we engage with our stakeholders.

At Capago, we celebrate flexibility, innovation, respect and excellence. Our teams strongly identify with these values and they have embraced this as part of our organisational culture. It is this very same culture and set of values that allow us to plough back into the communities within which we operate, through the numerous corporate social responsibility programs that we run.

“ Thanks to Capago I discovered a new field in which I hope to learn a lot and to apply my new knowledge in my current and future career.
Capago Azerbaijan is very young, but it is already moving in its path of development. Being able to participate in this process is very motivating. We just started our journey, and on the way working together with intelligent and energetic colleagues at a team is a great opportunity that I could have in my professional life. ”

Shahin Huseynli, Visa Application Officer

“ I was dreaming about a job where I can use knowledge and skills, and obtain new ones. Capago international became that dream company for me.
I am very happy that I have a chance to work in an international environment, and share knowledge and experience with employees from different countries. I am grateful that efforts and willingness to develop further in this company was evaluated by the administration, and that I was entrusted with the position of Supervisor. I will do my best to justify the responsibility that has been assigned to me. I am very pleased to be part of this professional team and I will do my best to build my career in this company, and ensure its stability in Azerbaijan. ”

Polina Novikova, Supervisor

“ I came up to work at Capago as I had always intended to work in a francophone environment and to be a part of an international team.
I can say that we have very enthusiastic, friendly and good qualified staff; everyone is a well-educated specialist with a solid background. As one of the ‘pioneers’ of Capago Azerbaijan I am interested to develop myself and grow professionally together with this team and this company. My experience in Capago is interesting; the essence of my job is familiar with my previous experience and matches my professional background.
I feel glad with lots of positive feedback from our clients and I think this is the best evaluation of our common work. I believe that we have the potential to increase our scope and to cooperate with new consulates. ”

Gunay Jahangirova, Visa Application Officer

Our flexibility is our main asset, and we are able to adapt our processes to local demands

Innovation at Capago