Mission and Aims

We seek to provide exceptional service to our administrative authorities and applicants through continuous innovation, evolution and adaptation. Facilitating a smooth process for applicants, and supporting the missions of our related institutional partners is integral. We aim to be an asset to the diplomatic missions we serve. Concurrently, we aim to execute our mission with efficacy and precision, while prioritising personalised treatment of our applicants.

One of Capago’s main missions and principles is the way in which we consider our partners, each of whom are equally valued. We never stop adapting our service offering to integrate and facilitate new, innovative aids for achieving their missions and goals.

We evolve continuously - ourselves and our processes - to facilitate our applicants’ and institutional partners’ journeys. We communicate closely, and are fully aware of the responsibility they bestow upon us, the privileged information they confide in us, and the trust they put in our ability to implement and facilitate projects.


One of Capago’s ambitions is to create an enduring relationship with our partners, associates and applicants. We strive to maintain relationships of trust through transparency and commitment to an ever-increased level of excellence. Upholding the expectations of such a relationship necessitates the utmost respect in all interactions. To that end, Capago’s unique flexibility allows us to produce tailor-made solutions to local demands.

These values are consistently honoured throughout our daily, open dialogue with stakeholders. Our values drive our ability to provide the best possible service to our applicants, knowing that their satisfaction is linked to that of our diplomatic missions.

We pride ourselves on a responsible and reliable work ethic, that ensures high quality performance for our travellers. We do so by constantly listening and adjusting to their needs to offer solutions adapted to our institutional partners requirements.

Capago has perfected its expertise in visa processing, and refined its service offering to guide applicants throughout their application process.

Expertise at Capago