As we have made clear, our service offering stems from recognition of the individual, and evolving to meet the context specific requirements of our stakeholders. We’ve learnt that the various locations of each of our centres come with their own unique cultural identities and perceptions, and we endeavour to be flexible in accommodating them.

Each of our centres is designed to optimise quick and efficient processing ability, but also to facilitate the comfort of our applicants. Agents are adept at guiding applicants through each individual stage of the procedure, including aid in the supplementation of application dossiers when required.

Our electronic data capturing system allows for optimised and efficient transmission of all visa applications to consulates within 24 hours. Furthermore, our consulate liaison officers ensure all communication and necessary updates to procedure, policy and documentation are enacted in real time.

Capago’s low staff turnover rate reflects our high valuation of each employee’s competence and contribution. This is why we invest in each agent through an in-house training programme.


Our service offering is developed around an experience of first-class prioritisation for each of our travellers. We offer:

  • Premium Lounges in selected centres offering elevated hospitality and a dedicated processing agent.
  • Deployment of the French Mobile Biometric Solution in selected countries.
  • Time-saving application preparation services in selected countries for corporate travellers.
  • Dedicated group application pre-validation and optimisation procedures.
  • On-site additional services such as I.D. photos, photocopying and connectivity, as well as passport delivery by courier.
  • Application tracking through online and sms notification.
  • Personalised, face-to-face, human contact for each applicant, and a telephonic and live-chat contact centre.
  • Promotional opportunities for institutional and commercial partners to expand market reach.
  • Touristic promotion of destinations through multimedia content marketing.

Our Premium Areas are top of the range in terms of seating, entertainment and hospitality services, paired with the benefits of having a dedicated agent assisting the clients throughout the process. In both Standard and Premium areas, the agents’ aim at all times to implement our tailor-made solutions, and provide efficient, dedicated and friendly service. The helpfulness and efficacy of our agents is rewarded by the extremely high rating given in client feedback, which sets the benchmark for the market.


Security is paramount at Capago facilities - for our visitors, stakeholders and staff members. From the moment one enters the doors, to document and application transferral between ourselves and the consulates, security belies each of our procedures.

Staff recruitment requirements comply entirely with the levels of security set out by the consulates. In addition, our staff are trained to adhere fully with the ISO 270001. Our premises and software, via top security contractors, are equipped to detect any risk of damage or intrusion. In all aspects, ISO norms are upheld and maintained to guarantee that we operate in accordance with online safety regulations, all the while ensuring data privacy, encryption, tracking and backup.


The access we provide to our e-learning platform, granted at any time to all Capago staff, provides an efficient, agile and up-to-date tutoring system. This platform provides both technical knowledge and strategic tools for customer care.

At Capago, we celebrate flexibility, innovation, respect and excellence. Our teams strongly identify with these values and they have embraced this as part of our organisational culture.

People at Capago