Every year, Capago assists more than 175,000 travellers to apply for their Schengen visas for European destinations.

12 centres in 9 countries

Azerbaijan, South Africa, Kuwait, Qatar, Benin, Togo, Guinea, Burkina Faso and Mali.
The company’s headquarters are based in France.

18 countries represented

Including France, Iceland, Central African republic, Burkina Faso, Mali, Togo, Guinea, Benin, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Togo, Djibouti, Monaco, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium.

165 employees with 34 nationalities

Who speak more than…

34 languages

Giving the best possible experience to more than…

2000 travellers

Visiting our centres every day during peak season.

Our values are our foundation.

At Capago, we celebrate flexibility, innovation, respect and excellence. Our teams strongly identify with these values and they have embraced this as part of our organisational culture.
It is this very same culture and set of values that allow us to plough back into the communities within which we operate, through the numerous corporate social responsibility programs that we run.

People at Capago
Alfonso Tagliaferri, Italian Consul in Cape Town

“ We would like to commend Capago for the attention it gives to the clients' requests, the flexibility it shows in receiving copious amount of legislation, together with the capacity it has to transform it into an immediately actionable instruction, and the punctuality with which it complies with our financial obligations. ”

Marjolaine Pierrat-Feraille, General Manager, French-South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry

“ As a Chamber, we highly appreciate the way Capago caters to its clients. The great sense of professionalism of its team ensures a precious saving of time while applying for visas. Capago provides solid and constant support to overcome every obstacle at each stage of the application process, from file preparation to final delivery. ”

Mariagrazia Biancospino, Secretary General, Italian-South African Chamber of Trade & Industries

“ The Italian-South African Chamber of Trade and Industries in Johannesburg has repeatedly used the services of Capago South Africa. We facilitate business relations between South African and Italian companies, and often send South African entrepreneurs to Italy.
Each time we do so, Capago processes our South African delegates’ visa applications. Their staff have always responded promptly, with complete and effective solutions to our various needs. Urgent requests have always been prioritised and handled with great competence and attention. Furthermore, our delegate applicants reported professional and courteous reception from Capago agents face-to-face. ”

We provide exceptional service to our administrative authorities and applicants through continuous innovation, evolution and adaptation

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